I am a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on themes of the subconscious mind and the exploration of human emotions. My work also talks about facing and overcoming traumatic experiences, leading to healing journeys that ultimately uplift the collective Consciousness. Through my work, I bring awareness to how we treat our emotions as humans, emphasizing mental health as a whole. I create these figures, or “soul bodies,” as I call them, to talk about different emotions such as depression, stagnancy, and even positive emotions like joy and feelings of unity. 

Vivid neon colors are a recurring theme in my work as I feel there is so much life in color. Each soul body has its own color scheme and energy pattern inside their bodies, and in combination with the colors, these patterns tell a story about that figure’s energy. In addition, some have auras, which shine outside the body and further add to the soul body’s story. Often, they wander in an unknown space leading “somewhere,” which represents the subconscious mind. In this space, the soul bodies come across trauma, memories, and subjective reality based on their perceptions. This alternate reality created in my work can be applied to our daily lives and subconscious thinking. 

I often create in both 2D and 3D mediums. However, I primarily work with paint on canvas and digital software to make my work. I start my process by brainstorming, sometimes using free association techniques, writing down everything that comes to mind. I often incorporate meditation practices into my brainstorming process to let the ideas and visions come through. Usually, the work’s title will come through to me first before the composition is worked out. Then, through the materials I use, I create this dimension where the “soul bodies” coexist in their own storylines. 

The goal of my artwork and practice is to inspire action on healing and awakening in oneself. Mental health is important and will be an upcoming topic for the next few decades. It is essential for us to address our emotions as human beings and learn how to cope with them healthily. I hope my work inspires that spark of movement to look within and identify these emotions.

Featured At:
RAW Natural Born Artists- Costa Mesa, CA, January 31, 2020
WAM! 2020: A Women's Appreciation Month Art Show- San Pedro, CA, March 5-May 5 2020
TooZen's "LUCID PARADISE"- Los Angeles, CA, July 22, 2021
Conscious Life Expo- LAX Hilton Los Angeles, September 17-19, 2021 
“Content: 2022”, The Mistake Room, Los Angeles, CA, May 15-20, 2022
"ALL THAT 90's" curated by Haley Fonfa, Los Angeles, CA, September 9, 2022